I can not calibrate the esc

I can not calibrate the esc
the light flashes siren more does not make the sound
so much around here
and here

From the documents: -
Dshot - * Provides fast, high resolution digital communication. This opens the door for more precise vehicle control and removes the need to calibrate ESC’s for different PWM ranges.

but it does not work and the calibration video is 2013
I can not seem to do it through the CLI anymore it looks like it was disabled

I’ve done everything written here.
however the esc does not sync I have to do some special setup on BLHeliSuite32
it’s like this right now

What do you mean “ESC does not sync”? What kV motors do you have? Having Low RPM Power Protect on may not be appropriate. Do you have Dshot configured in Mission Planner? If so which option?

an engine rotates slowly or stops or rotates only with 50%
but in the calibration mode all run normally synchronized
are these here

Turn off Low RPM Power Protect.

disabled problem persists
doing the calibration is now so

where is the mission planner parameters to see if it has the same values for the 4 channels of the engines?