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I came from China, the China Forum did not have my answer, and my APM2.8 log downloading was a problem

My flight control is China’s unique apm2.8 based on apm2.6, the latest version of the MP version. I prompted this error through the mavlink downloading log of MP. Can you tell me how to deal with it? I looked up the information in the Chinese Forum, but I didn’t find any useful answers. Please help me

I had similar issue when there was a big number of log files on SD card. When I deleted some logs manually via SD card reader then I MissionPlanner was able to retrieve log list without a timeout.

But for APM I don’t know the workaround…

apm dont have sd card

Try more USB leads.Connect direct to the flight controller.See if that helps.

Some USB leads will not seat fully into the FC,the USB socket can be damaged (cold solder).

Also try powering with a battery as well as USB.

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