I am setting up a Kakute H7 w/ 65a Tekko 32 Arducopter 4.2.0

I have setup everything, and have had success in getting all of the sensors to show up. I wanted to check for the battery sensors, so I plug in my batter, and I lose all of my GPS sensors, and most all of the sensors form the FC… I still see the RX sensors, but nothing from the FC… If I delete sensors and add sensors I will pick up a few more fc sensors, but none of them populate… as soon as I unplug the battery I can see all of the FC sensors appear in the Radiomaster sensor screen.

Now, If I go to my goggles, I see all of my sensors… regardless of what is on my TX

I am using an FrSky R9mm and ExpressLRS CRSF

One other note before I reply with the solution is; I also could not arm the quad.

The solution with this setup was to cut the R6 and the ground wire from the FC to the DJI air unit.
The Kakute H7 and Tekko 32 come with all of the cables to make your build tidy… by using the supplied cables I inadvertently connected the rx for the DJI unit. Cutting the rx6 and ground cable on the air unit resolved my conflict.

This resolved all the issues with telemetry and cutting out when powered by LiPo.

@jude_garcia Were you able to fly successfully with Arducopter 4.2 on Kakute H7?

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Yes. I have been able to fly with the H7, although I have not had much time…