I am from China and have doubts about underwater sonar

I am from China and do not speak English. This article was translated by Google, and it may be difficult to read. I apologize for this.
I am making an ArduBoat. I want to use underwater sonar to get the position of the fish. I do n’t know how to operate it. I do n’t have any clues, but I see the support for underwater sonar in the Rover help documentation, so I came to seek clue.

I suggest you get and read the manual for a GOOD commmercial fish finder. Garmin is a good brand, so is Raymarine. The frequency of the sonar transducer is important, and today you have many options. Also, there are newer technologies like SideScan and DownScan. The newest fishfinders can merge data collected over time into a 3D view also. There is an art to reading a fish finder, but the newer ones are much easier to use.

Thank you, I checked the brand you mentioned. But I found a problem, they are all connected by wire, is it possible to transform them into the possibility of remote connection through WIFI?

Hello Mr. Zhang, our company is currently in charge of surveying and mapping ship pair construction projects, which partially overlaps with your project about finding fish. Currently there are many sonars that support wireless transmission but distance is a problem. So, if you use wireless transmission, what is the control distance you want?