I am flying a plane and I lose control of it, how do I make ArduPilot take over?

I am mostly thinking about doing an equivalent of the SAFE system, push a button and stabilize the aircraft automatically (if possible of course) and/or make it land at a particular spot.

I’d want to know if I can do it automatically (when the failsafe activates) and/or manually (when I goof up)

I saw that LibrePilot has that when you take your hands off the sticks, anything similar doable on ArduPilot?

Sorry for the possibly stupid question, just gathering information. Thank you for your responses!

That’s basic functionality for Ardupilot. Select Loiter mode it circles. Select RTL mode it returns to launch and circles. It has Auto Landing. Read thru the Wiki.

Yes, ardupilot has many flight modes that include those functions. There is also RTL (return to launch). Typically, the flight mode is controlled via a 3 position switch on the transmitter. If you loose control, you can always flip the switch to a stabilized flight mode or even return to launch.

Here are the available flight modes:

What you are looking for sounds like fbwb.

Awesome! Somehow I got to a wrong page and looked at Flight features instead.
My bad, still have to learn how to navigate it.

Anyways, any experiences with automatic flight stabilization? Like how fast is it?
The SAFE system can stabilize in under a second, I am hoping to reach at least 1,5 seconds if not faster.

Thank you for the replies! I hope somebody sees this post too if they are wondering the same thing.

ardupilot is as fast as the airframe/servos/settings are making it able to react.
ardupilot is much more advanced then the “save system” you are mentioning.

Good to know, thanks for the replies!

Instant. If you are flying in one of the stabilized modes, the ardupilot is continuously calculating while also accepting stick input.

I am not familiar with the system you are talking about, but it sounds like something you turn on if you loose control. The ardupilot stabilization, on the other hand, is always on unless you specifically select one of the few flight modes without it (ie acro flight mode)