I am facing an issue in radio calibration

I am using fly sky fs-t6 transmitter but i am enable to do radio calibration can someone plz help me with this its not showing me the bars

Hello @Ayush_Nandwani

From my experience, when the calibration bars on Mission Planner doesn’t appear, it means that you are not receiving PPM signals at all in your flight controller.

Try to certify yourself that everything is ok with your wiring.

More hardware details would be useful to help you.

I have checked all the connection but it’s still not working
Why we need ppm?

PPM or Sbus, or CRSF, or whatever else you’re using for RC signal. The fact is if you aren’t seeing the green bars in mission planner then either as @BrunoBagarini said the FC isn’t getting a signal from the RX, or the FC isn’t configured to acknowledge the signal from the FC.

What kind of controller are you using? What firmware are you running? What port do you have the RX connected to on the controller? What steps have you taken to set it up? I don’t know flysky equipment, but it may matter what RX you are using so it might be helpful to mention that.

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