I am a new user with some questions

I just started using QGroundcontrol on a Nexus 7 tablet running Android. I have a some questions about the android version.
Does it support offline maps? I cannot get it to display a map unless it is connected to the internet.
Where is the exit button on the Android version?
On my first flight of the day everything works as it should. After the first flight battery percentage stays at 100%, relative altitude is remains at -1.
Are this known issues or is the a problem with using the Nexus 7 tablet?

Thank, it is a nice product

Offline Maps: Go to Settings (Q Icon) - Online Maps
There is a bug recently reported with battery percentage so it is a known problem.

Ok, I got the offline maps working. The other problem with battery percentage and relative altitude goes away if I close and restart QGroundControl between flights. I have not been able to find an exit button so I just kill it from the open apps menu. I like QGroundControl seems to work well so far.

There tends to not be exit buttons on Android apps. The little andoird return arrow thingy on the device will shut down QGC which is the normal way to close things.

The better way to close QGroundControl on your Android device is to simply pull the MavLink radio out of the USB port. QGroundControl will ask if you want to disconnect. Press the Disconnect button, then close the program normally. That will prevent corruption of your telemetry logs and provide a clean shutdown.

If you are not connected to a vehicle you can close it from the open apps (tile windows button), wait for the “X” to appear and close it (Android 6 or newer).

QGroundControl is an excellent ground station application. I like its JSON file format for missions, I like it’s attitude indicator and compass (I use it on a 12" tablet with a keyboard and mouse touchpad), I like it’s quite excellent interface for configuring parameters (I fly TradHeli), and I like the ease of use loading firmware (Linux version - doesn’t work on Android). I wish it could display the curve of spline waypoints but I’ve learned to overlook that based on all the other features it has that makes it quite nice.

I had my first experience today after using Tower for some time. I am using v3.3.2 on an Android phone with SiK radios.

Here are my newbie questions:
1 why does the full flight path not get displayed in the flight page? It only seems to draw the last few seconds. It would be good to have the choice.
2 Why do the various values such as flight time, battery level, altitude, etc. not get reset after a disarm/arm? I had to quit the app to reset everything.
3 I like the auto-connect feature, but there is no disconnect button.
4 Application Settings / Console does not seem to be a console (no input). Perhaps it could be more accurately described as a “System Log”

That is due to performance issues on various mobile devices. Desktop builds show full trail.

Because the vehicle is still sending them.

Why do you need to disconnect?