Hydrogen Cylinder for Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV

You may have question where to find the hydrogen cylinder, when you want change it or want more spares, here we are

The cylinder is wrapped by carbon fiber from Toray with high performance and stability. Then it is simulated to conform design with aircraft. It is based on thin-walled aluminum alloy liner molding technology and reduction technology from Germany LEIFELD backside grinding which is accurately controlled by CNC procedure.

Working Pressure: 35MPa
Working Temperature: -40—+85℃
Burst Pressure: 70MPa
Fatigue Life: ≥500 times

Pressure Regulator for Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV
The regulator is based on highly reliable aerospace technology. It is lightweight, easy to install , tightly sealed,
and with long life service as well as stable output pressure, greatly enhancing UAV flight time.

Rated Input Pressure: 400bar
Minimum Input Pressure: 5bar
Output Pressure: 40-70kpa
Medium: Hydrogen
Weight: <200g
Package Size: 787747mm
Service Life: >10000 times

What is the volume? And what is pricing? Any website ?

Can you recommend good hydrogen generator that can generate electric from hydrogen? Tks