Huge thanks to devs - donations?

Tridge and all other Plane devs - a huge thanks for your efforts! I flew my fx-61 Phantom wing for the first time today with Pixhawk and Ardupilot Plane 3.5.2 - this is the first time I have used a Pixhawk in any fixed wing platform (in fact, the first time I have flown with anything other than just a receiver in a fixed-wing aircraft), and I have to say that I am staggered how well the wing flew, and how flawless it flew in all the flight modes I have configured (Stabilize, FBWA, Loiter, RTH, and Manual of course :wink:

This is a truly awesome project and I can’t thank you guys enough for all your great work. Hopefully this post makes a bit of a change from all the other/issue posts in here :slight_smile: Do you guys run a donation scheme anywhere? Given my extensive use of Ardupilot Copter and now Plane (4 models now running this - 3 multi-rotors and the wing) I would truly like to make a donation to help in a tiny way towards the continued great work you guys do, and the extensive support you offer on these forums.

Thanks again and best wishes, Paul A


Thanks Paul, its a work in progress. Somebody might chip in with the latest link.

It is really amazing!

The pixhawk team has done an incredible job with this system. Once tuned its ability track a course and maintain set flight parameters is impressive.

Thank you guys for your efforts!