HUD video from USB or IP Camera

I am trying to get the Mission Planner HUD video to work. I have a USB camera and IP camera and have tried GStreamer, VLC, and the HUD camera (right click) with no luck.

Anyone have success with this using 3.4.1 and the current version of Mission Planner?


The live video streaming is pretty separate from ArduPilot so any issues are more likely to be on the companion computer on the vehicle. If you’re using a NAVIO2 or similar from Emlid then I would expect it to simply work. Is it a Navio2 or is it APSync on the companion computer (assuming there is one)… or something else?

My ArduBoat setup is a bit different than most. Mission Planner is running on an onboard Windows 10 computer communicating via Telem1, we also have a Linux computer running our own ROS mission planner software on Telem2. The HUD video could be either from an IP camera on my onboard network or a USB camera.

What got me confused was that I was able to get a camera feed a few months ago using the right click HUD>Start Camera method but I forgot that I was using my laptop integrated webcam. Although my onboard windows computer recognizes the USB camera as a webcam, Mission Planner crashes when I “start camera”.

Thinking it might be easier to use the Mavlink data to make my own HUD with video.

Either way…I think this is a Mission Planner issue not ArduRover. Posted in wrong subforum.

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