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HUD video from USB camera

Anyone having luck in overlaying video to the HUD window?

Mission Planner is crashing when I rt click HUD display>Video>Start Camera. Thought maybe it was a MP version issue so I used an older version and it still crashed.

I am trying to overlay the video from a USB camera to an onboard Windows 10 computer running Mission Planner (connected tp pixhawk via the USB telem0 port). I was able, I think?, in the past to use my laptops camera to overlay using the camera option.

I have not tried the GStream function yet but plan on trying that if I strike out here. Also curious how I can get an IP camera RTSP feed into mission planner.

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It crashes for me as well. I’ve created an issue in the MP’s issue list.

Mission Planner is crashing when selecting Droidcam as Video Device and clicking on Start Camera.
Here is screen shot:

Other USB Camera, Laptop’s in-built camera is working perfectly.
Droidcam is working perfectly on QGC.

Same crashing is happening when using a http or rtsp video link (like or rtsp:// in ctrl+F -> vlc

Using Mission Planner 1.3.66 build 1.3.7081.6492

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