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HUD video from USB camera

(Kg Fairbarn) #1

Anyone having luck in overlaying video to the HUD window?

Mission Planner is crashing when I rt click HUD display>Video>Start Camera. Thought maybe it was a MP version issue so I used an older version and it still crashed.

I am trying to overlay the video from a USB camera to an onboard Windows 10 computer running Mission Planner (connected tp pixhawk via the USB telem0 port). I was able, I think?, in the past to use my laptops camera to overlay using the camera option.

I have not tried the GStream function yet but plan on trying that if I strike out here. Also curious how I can get an IP camera RTSP feed into mission planner.

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(rmackay9) #2

It crashes for me as well. I’ve created an issue in the MP’s issue list.

(Aritra Sasmal) #3

Mission Planner is crashing when selecting Droidcam as Video Device and clicking on Start Camera.
Here is screen shot:

Other USB Camera, Laptop’s in-built camera is working perfectly.
Droidcam is working perfectly on QGC.

Same crashing is happening when using a http or rtsp video link (like or rtsp:// in ctrl+F -> vlc

Using Mission Planner 1.3.66 build 1.3.7081.6492