HUD and data display not working

I can’t get the HUD window to display anything. It is just a grey box and sometimes leftover graphics from previous windows.

So I went into Config/Tuning, Planner, and checked the box for HUD, GDI+ (old type). With that I get teh HUD, but the data window below that malfunctions with the data values dissappearing for a few seconds, then reappearing. So it looks all the values are flashing on and off, but never all on at the same time.

Some additional info:
[li]Yes I have searched the forum and google[/li]
[li]Windows 7 Pro SP1 64b[/li]
[li]Dell Latitude D531 AMD Turion X2 1.6GHz w/ 4GB RAM[/li]
[li]ATI Radeon X1270
Driver Packaging Version 8.342.3.1.1-070414a-046422C-Dell
Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\CLASS{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0000
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
Catalyst® Control Center Version 2007.0414.2243.38770 [/li]
[li]Mission Planner 1.3.12 (also did this with previous version, but update did not help)[/li]
[li]Arducopter 3.1.5[/li][/ul]

I don’t know how mission planner draws its graphics, so not sure what to try turning off in the graphics driver, or if it even has anything to do with that.

Any clues?

BTW, this is a newly setup Win7 machine, and not sure if I got the video driver from Dell or ATI, but I just noticed it looks like it is from 2007. However I just used ATI’s driver update checker from the ATI site and it says I have the up to date driver. I hope I’m not in the ‘land of unsupported hardware’ here…

Try expanding the width of the data window by clicking and dragging the right edge of the window. I experienced this flashing data/update issue when I started using a small netbook for flying in the field. I’d not seen this behavior on my much larger PC that sits in my office. I accidentally changed the data window size (on my netbook) and the flashing stopped. Worth a try.