I have been working on a large Vulcan Raven x8 ~18kg for aerial survey work, it runs PixHawk 2.1 as the Primary FC and a DJI Wookong as the Secondary FC, between these FC’s is a Gizmotec Flight Manager this enables me to switch between the two, either on the ground or inflight. I have the flown with both FC’s and the Wookong out performs the Pixhawk, in winder conditions the PixHawk wants to drift around in POSHOLD. I would like to tighten up the PIDs on the PH but would like for someone to have a look at the attached flight logs to inspect all elements of them, to see if there is anything else a miss. I only have 6 months under my belt with PH so any input from experienced operators would be very helpful to me.

Thanks Mike

Didn’t have much time to look at the logs closely, but I think I see what you mean: the drone sometimes drifts by up to a meter when holding position.

Assuming you have the stability PIDs tuned, the position position controller can be tuned with POS_XY_P and VEL_XY_xxx parameters. The VEL_XY_I and _IMAX in particular should be helpful when dealing with wind.

That said, I haven’t spent too much effort tuning the position controller before, so I don’t think I could give much insight beyond that.

Thank you for your reply and looking at the logs, I will look into the areas suggested.