Is Eagle tree Airspeed sensor V3 now compatible with Pixhawk 2.1 and AP3.8? Kindly confirm.

Does’nt look like. I’m trying to use one and it does not show anything unless i put arduplane 3.6 (3.7.1 does not work)

Last working arduplane working with et airspeed sensor is 3.7.
I tried to modified the airspeed i2c driver back to the old one without succes.

Thanks Nicolas,
Is there any reason why the awesome dev team stopped the support for this sensor?
May be some reasoning in the Dev Notes/ Release notes!!


I really don’t know. The code is similar small changes but something makes the driver not to initialize it and then you have airspeed unhealthy.

Anyone get this working with 3.9 Arduplane?

darn, I’d forgotten about this one. I even have one of these sensors somewhere in my parts bins.

Me too!

It is not really an important thing for you to do given your workload. I do not see myself ever buying an old Eagle Tree OSD anytime soon!