How we can turn off main flash led of Pixhawk 2.4.8

Please guide, How we can turn off main flashing led of Pixhawk 2.4.8, to save power of battery.

Turning off the LED on the pixhawk is not going to save any noticeable battery life.

Sir you are correct that not noticeable power will save in the view of battery, but one thing that light is not require in my case.

Second thing is, power module supply limited current to Pixhawk. Power saving in Pixhawk may good in the view of proper power for major internal and external (GPS, compass, air speed etc) sensors.

Power saving is also important if we supply power to Pixhawk and servo from single power module.

In my last Pixhawk, to stop flash light on my eyes, I put a sticker on that light, after few hours, my Pixhawk stoped working. I think , temperature of Pixhawk increased by flash light.

Sir please reply if any solution to off main flashing led.

AP_Notify.cpp suggests there is an LED_BRIGHT parameter. Setting it to zero should disable the LED.

EDIT: I think @Pedals2Paddles is correct (below), this does NOT disable the onboard LED. By my reading of the code, that would need a firmware change.

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Great . . . Heartily thanks for your key solution.

That is for external RGB LEDs. Unrelated to the LEDs inside the pixhawk.

By NTF_LED_BRIGHT , we can adjust brightness of Pixhawk flash light or even turnoff also.

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No it doesn’t. But, ok.

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