How use a gamepad joystick with Tower 4

Hey guys
I am looking any mean to use a gamepad joystick coupled with this fantastic GCS that is Tower.
I have seen people using joystick widgets but I did not get how to install this feature on tower.
any advice welcome! :slight_smile:

Hello, does anybody have an answer to that point?
I cannot recover the webpage where I saw the development of this feature. I instead saw joystick support is request to be integrated in

I think this feature is now a must considering several other GCS are proposing this function.
If it is coupled with the “GCS Failsafe Enable” I don’t see a big risk. Maybe this option could be limited to several flight modes like RTL, Guided, PosHold, Loiter for example to limit associated risks.

Thanks for your feedback

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I am looking for this as well, asked in the gitter chat too, if not there would be nice to develop it.

I’m interested in that too :slight_smile: