How to watch live webcam video feed from quadcopter in MP HUD using gstreamer

I accept the fact that this is not strictly not MP related, more like a gstreamer related question , but here is the deal -

I have a quadcopter running arducpoter 4.2 , runs perfectly fine (in fact more than fine). I have a rpi4 as a companion computer on board, which is connected to webcam. I plan to do some stuff with opencv and dronekit (like landing on a aruco marker board or sth.)

I recently learned that I can use gstreamer to stream live vid from the quad webcam over local network and see it in the mission planner HUD, which is crazy sick.

So i inistalled gstreamer following this guide -

Rpi4 bullseye Gstreamer installation
I am using rpi4 wiith raspbian bullseye and my gcs compouter ins running windows 10(for MP).

I am using a logitch webcam on the quad

I am pretty sure the webcam and gstreamer works fine, but i can’t figure out the command to run gstreamer to stream live vid to MP HUD
all the example commands assume the usage of a raspi cam, but i am using a usb webcam. I am pretty sure some folks around here already knows how to do that , I would be really greatful if anyone could help me with the right pair of commands.

I am sorry if i offend anyone with my language, english is not my first language.