How-to video for planning DroidPlanner mission

I ran my first autonomous missions today with DroidPlanner. Worked great. Just thought I’d make a quick how-to video for anyone who has never done it before.


Well done,

Any reason for not using DPv2?

Do you mind if I put your video as the promotional video on google play?

I was afraid DP2 was still in beta. I opted for DP because I figured it had been in use longer.

Feel free to share the video, that’s why it’s there.


DPv2 is now officially released as stable: … le-release

But you are right that DPv1 has been in use for much longer, but development on that version has stopped.

Thanks you will se your video at the google play page soon. … oidplanner

I’ll definitely give DPv2 a try. One other reason I used DPv1, migrating from Mission Planner, DPv1 has a much more familiar look and feel IMHO.