How to use two relays in a AUTO mission?

I am using

Pixhawk 1
MP 1.3.48

Anybody who knows HOW TO use two relays in a AUTO mission???

According to the docs, the pixhawk is configured by default with two relay outputs. According to another part of the docs, there is a do-set-relay mission command. That seems to be all you need to get started. Have you tried that? Did it not behave as expected?

Yes i have studied these docs

BUT in mission planning i have
WP1 , a navigation point , then

The problem after my quad reaches WP1 , the first relay works well , BUT the second relay is not working.

Do i have to insert a navigation command between these TWO DO Commands???
Any HELP !!!

I’m not entirely sure. If you swap WP2 and WP3, does the second relay activate correctly?

The problem is even if i swap WP2 and WP3 , the first DO_REPEAT_RELAY works well for but the second DO_REPEAT_RELAY is not working at all.