How to use throw mode

How to activate Throw mode? I uploaded 3.4 beta and want to go outside and test it :slight_smile:

I’ll come up with a wiki page certainly before the official release. Until then the instructions are in this video.

  1. disarm copter
  2. switch to throw mode
  3. check GPS light is green
  4. arm copter and listen for ready tune
  5. throw vehicle up and away from you (it must climb by 50cm/s and reach a total speed of 5m/s)
  6. once the vehicle has stopped, switch the flight mode to Loiter (or other mode) to retake manual control

Thank you, Randy. I saw the description below video later. Sorry for my mistake. Beta firmware uploaded. I’ll try it soon.

So when arming in TM the code plays that specific 3 tone chime AND the motors don’t spin slowly like they do when arming normally is that correct?

Old thread but I’ve added throw mode to the wiki now:

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