How to use the Mateksys H743-Wing V3 to control underwater thrusters using PWM signals in Mission Planner

Hello everyone,

I am really new to using flight controllers. I have been trying to figure out how to use my Mateksys H743-Wing V3 to control underwater thrusters in Mission Planner.

I am implementing a boat using a boogie board with 2 thrusters; I have a gps on the boat and would like to use Mission Planner to select coordinates on a map that the boat will move automatically to kind of like connect the dots. Here is a video demonstrating what I would like to do: (45) Autonomous Sailboat Simulation. Uses mission planner and SITL to simulate ardupilot sailboat. - YouTube

Here is a photo of the thrusters underneath the boogie board

Before doing that, here are my current goals:

  1. Connect 2 thrusters to pwm pins on the Mateksys H743-Wing V3 flight controller.
  2. Use Mission Planner to program the Mateksys to control the thrusters.

I have connected the 2 thrusters’ pwm wires to the Mateksys inside an electrical box on the boat.

As of now, I’m not sure how to use Mission Planner to make the Mateksys control the thrusters. I know I need to make the flight controller send pwm signals to the thrusters, but how can I do that? Any suggestions is much appreciated.

You need ESC’s for the thrusters, the Flight Controller only outputs PWM control signals and can’t drive them directly. Pretty basic stuff here… The type of ESC you need depends on if they are brushed or brushless motors.
And, this is not a Mission Planner related question.

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Hi dkemxr,

The thrusters are brushless and have ESCs. Here are the motors for reference: TD1.2 12V Underwater Thruster Rov Thruster - HobbyWater.

I’m not really sure how to program the Flight Controller to control the ESCs without using Mission Planner. I have it connected via telemetry radios at the moment. I thought since my Flight Controller is connected to Mission Planner, that will be the only way for me to program the flight controller to send PWM signals.

How do you go about programming the flight controller to send PWM signals?

You have an RC system right? Start here and work your way though until tuning is complete.


Hi dkemxr,

Some updates trying to step through motor and servo configuration

I am currently trying to run motor test to see if the thrusters can move via the mateksys. I have the thrusters connected to pwm pins 2 and 3 on the mateksys like this

In servo output, I set servo 2 to ThrottleRight and servo 3 to ThrottleLeft like this

However, in motor test, when I run test motor A through D, I get denied

Here are some questions regarding why this might not be working

  1. Is it because I am not arming the flight controller? When I try to arm, I must force arm. Maybe its due to logging issue (since it says logging failed)?

  2. Is it because I don’t have position estimate, as shown below? I have been able to complete radio and accelerometer calibration but not the compass. Could that be why I don’t have position estimate?

No need to Arm to run motor test. Set the BRD_SAFETY_MASK to 6 for outputs 2&3
Logging-did you insert an Sd Card?
You need to calibrate the compass.

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