How to use rudder for roll controll in VTOL mode?

Hi, I’m building single motor tailsitter plane. Tail is symetrical “+” configuration. I have configured the horizontal controll surfaces as elevons and I’m triing to do something similar with ruder. I would like to use rudder for roll controll. I did not find any servo output function that would do that or even any posibility of servo output mixing in ardupilot.

Any input would be appreciated.

According to Tailsitter Planes — Plane documentation for a single-engine tailsitter the rudder should provide roll control in hover mode by default. From Tailsitter Planes — Plane documentation :

If Q_TAILSIT_MOTMX is zero (the default), meaning no multicopter-like motors, it provides roll, pitch, yaw and thrust (Throttle, Throttle Left, Throttle Right) values to the fixed wing control code. These values then control your ailerons, elevons, elevators, rudder and forward motors.