How to use fence max altitude?

1)Is the fence max altitude base on relative altitude, absolute altitude or if you have a range finder its base on the rangefinder altitude?

2)Am I able to change?

3)The fence action, value 3. Brake/land. In what condition is it brake and what condition is it land? Is it copter brake and plane land?

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Did you ever find an answer to these questions?

Fence altitudes are relative altitudes to home.

Yes, with parameter FENCE_ALT_MAX

Well, I worked on this couple of days ago with FENCE_ACTION=1 and vehicle does RTL and after that lands.
I am not quite sure about the logic in here (need to take a look at the source code), but probably try to accomplish the first thing, the do the second one.

Thanks for all the replies. I tried it on simulator sitl. It seems to count on global altitude or msl altitude.

I set it to brake it works. On simulator so far