How to use Dshot1200 BL heli esc with APM 2.8


I have Dshot1200 BL heli escs mounted on the frame previously I have been using f1 based fc and now I have apm 2.8 fc. How can it be possible together apm2.8 with dshot 1200 escs? I see servo outputs changing on mission planner but motors not spinning. Also when I try to calibrate escs on mission planner I get error set param error please ensure your version is AC3.3+.


It was years after the last Arducopter firmware version to support the obsolete APM flight controller when Dshot protocol was added to Ardupilot. Those ESC’s should work fine in PWM mode which is the only choice you have. You must some other problem. First I would get rid of the APM and buy a FC that is supported by current Arducopter.

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