How to use CONDITION_CHANGE_ALT Waypoint Command?

Hi All

My Flight Plan requires changing (decreasing) altitude before doing RTL . I found this command CONDITION_CHANGE_ALT command from the drop-down list.

Does anyone know this command is supported in MP or not ??

It doesn’t work it SITL with Copter (error, unsupported) but it seems to with Plane.

You mean to see it does not work with Copter ??

I would say not of it doesn’t work in the simulator. I would just add another Waypoint after the last Waypoint before RTL to drop the altitude. Depending on what your intention is you may want to set the RTL_ALT parameter to 0 if you want to maintain this altitude during RTL.Or don’t use RTL; use a Waypoint for the landing position and then the LAND command. I often fly one-way missions where this is required and just got in the habit of using it for RTL missions also.

Thankyou so much