How to use 4 sonar on ROVER pixhawk

hardware:pixhawk cuavV5+
firmware:ardupilot Rover latest

problem1:how to use four sonar I2C GY-US42v2 and two I2C lidar VL53L1X ?

problem2:I2C interface 1、2、3 can be used at will without setting??It will automatically detect the number of I2C ports I am connected to, right???

RNGFNDx(1,2,3,4)_type is set 31:GYUS42v2

ADDR 8bit is 0xE0,0XDE,0XDC,OXDA ,so calculate
ADDR 7BIT is 0X70,0X6F,0X6E,0X6D ,so calculate
integer is 112,111,110,109

I also set (0:linear) (MAX_CM) (MIN_CM) (ORIENT) (X) (Y)
BUT not used.

THE “sonarrange” and “sonarvoltage” is 0.

please help me ,thanks.

you can only use one at a time set as i2c as you cannot change the address of those sensors. you could use one as i2c then you would need to use a serial port dedicated to the rest. to get more serial ports you can use can nodes .

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