How to Upload FW 3.2.1 to Pixhawk 2.4.8?

Hello, anybody here in this time able to upload FW Version 3.2.1 to pixhawk 2.4.8? How did you do it? Thank you.

I have to ask, why anybody would want to do this?

Because Ive read on the other forums that FW above 3.2.1 is not steady, thats why my drone using FW 3.4 is not hovering steady and will go up a little bit only.

I tried calibrating compass internal and external a hundred times already still the same. Once i push up throttle at the middle of it it started going up a little up but drifting. I dont know what else to do, im losing hope :frowning:

That is most likely not caused by the firmware. And I would upgrade the firmware, not downgrade, to solve problems.

Yeah, I tried using the latest firmware also Version 3.6.9. The problem is, it wont make my drone armed. Calibration wont work. No flying will be made.

Most likely you have an issue with vibration if your drone does not hover.
But that is a guess. Upload a picture of your drone and a logfile, then we can have a look why it dies not hover steadily.
You should first upgrade to 3.6.9.

I do not fully understand what you are trying to say. Compass problems usually cause problems like toilet bowling or the copter starting of in the wrong direction in auto mode.
Problems while hovering in alt hold or loiter etc.
can be caused by too high vibrations, unsteady GPS fix, baro not covered and other things I forgot about.

I am just curious, what other forums are you referring to?
As far as I know there’s only one ArduPilot forum?

Currently my FW version is 3.4. Im using the Chinese Clone Pixhawk 2.4.8, F450 and a Flysky Fsi6. What log file should I upload here? The one on the SDCard?

Ah sorry I mean other subtopic. Yeah I saw it here.

Also, just to share. Ive done something terrible last day. Everytime I turn my drone on Im always calibrating it, connect battery to the drone then disconnect again then connect again and move my throttle down i get the solid YELLOW color on the LED of pixhawk, then push the safety switch until it became solid RED color means ready for arming. Upon pushing the throttle up until the middle the drone went up a little bit while drifting, then I turned it down i’m afraid it might crash if I continue.

The problem is I experimentally push the throttle to the lower right corner and I heard this long tone then the color of the PIXHAWK turn to SOLID BLUE and automatically the drone went up without pushing the throttle up. Luckily I tested it in a close area, that’s why it crashes on the ceiling vertically. Whats seems to be the problem? Like, the propeller spin on it’s own.

The problem is " Everytime I turn my drone on Im always calibrating it, connect battery to the drone then disconnect again then connect again"

Unless you replace an ESC, or you change your radio and/or the receiver, you only need to calibrate the ESCs ONCE, and besides that, you are using the WRONG procedure.

The first thing you need to do is TAKE THE PROPS OFF.

Next, flash the Pixhawk with the latest firmware.

After the firmware is flashed you need to calibrate the radio.

After the radio is calibrated you need to navigate to Initial Setup > Mandatory Hardware > ESC Calibration. READ the instructions. DO NOT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS. Click the Green “Calibrate ESCs” button and follow the instructions. To “reboot,” either plug in the USB, or connect the battery.

I would do both and connect to Mission Planner because the next step is to go to Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test and test the motors. HINT: Set the Throttle % to 10 and the duration to 5 seconds.

At this point you disconnect the USB and battery and then you can put the props on.

After that, I would take the aircraft outside and calibrate the compass. You can start the calibration by using stick gestures.

As a final note I highly recommend reading the documentation.