How to update u-blox on here 3 GPS?

I’m trying to follow

This step.

However, I don’t have the Menu button. Instead, it looks like this:

Where do I set up the CAN pass through?

update to beta MP

help > update beta

Thanks. Are the docs on GitHub? I would like to make a PR to say that in the docs. It gives a version number, but it isn’t clear that it means the beta version.

sure its here

@dlech I had this same issue, so thanks for posting. What firmware are you using on the AP? We might want to add this to the PR docs.

We are using Copter 4.0.7 Official firmware.

Sir I am too using here3 gps but it doesnt show in the UAVCAN for Here 3 update although p1 and p2 driver and d1 and d2 driver and gps type selected as UAVCAN

try connecting with the cable and not by the telemetry module.

I found out recently that if you are using Cube Orange, that you cannot follow the instructions exactly. Do not connect with MAVLINK first. Also, restart Mission Planner to make sure it is not in a bad state. Connect the Cube Orange with the USB cable. Then go to the Windows Device Manager and look for the COM port on the Cube Orange that is for SLCan. Select this COM port in Mission Planner, but do not connect. Go to the UAVCAN page in Mission Planner. Click the SLCan Mode CAN1 button. A dialog box will open up - it says you might be doing things wrong, but it is fine - click OK. Then you should be connected to the GPS.

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