How to tune ground steering

hi guys ,my RC plane was flight good except ground steering ,the plane was installed F405 WING which was flushed arduplane fimware 4.0.5,I have check the wiki of ground steering many times but does’t tune the ground steering well.

I have an external compass, and the external compass has been calibrated.In fwba mode, if the steering system of the aircraft is well tuned, I release the joystick of remote controller, the plane should lock the current heading taxiing until the wheel off the ground,whether it is wind or nose landing gear position is not too much neural .But when my plane taxis at a low speed, the nose wheel slowly swings back and forth, the swing amplitude is bigger, but the frequency is not high.

So looking the wiki, adding steer2srv_minspd to a maximum of 5m/s, but none of them solved the low-speed swing problem. Later I tried to reduce the steer2srv_p value to 1.3, but it still could not solve the low-speed swing problem, so I added steer2srv_d value to increase the damping,it still can not solve. then the increase of steer2srv_tcons to 0.8 also don’t working , the wiki said that steer2srv_p is the turning diameter of the aircraft, my aircraft turning diameter is about 1.6 m, at the high-speed taxi is also unable to lock the direction, but I can keep the heading with rudder input,.The wiki was read many times, but I really can fix the groud steering issue.

I want to adjust this steering system, try the auto take-off function. When the motor does not turn, the plane will taxi much more straight, which is the cause of the reverse torque of the propeller, but if the steering system is adjusted well, it should automatically adapt to the reverse torque of the propeller, so that the course can be locked.
can some one give some advise to tuning ground steering not just repeat the wiki.

Logs please.

A fast taxi would be good enough