How to test pitch/roll response safely

Do any members have a recommendation how to safely check the actual pitch/roll response of a copter to pitch/roll stick inputs from TX without flying it?

I flew F550 Hexacopter with Pixhawk yesterday. It successfully took off and flew in AUTO mode as expected (front facing in direction of travel) and responded correctly to RTL. When I switched to LOITER I discovered the pitch/roll stick on my TX were switched somehow, so that up/down movement of stick produced right/left response in copter and left/right stick movement produced forward /back response in copter. I just managed to land it OK by rotating the TX in my hand but it was hairy.

The only thing changed since last (and many previous) successful flights was updating Mission Planner to 1.3.30 shortly before the flight.

Before flying again I’d like to confirm that my recallibrated radio - which seems to show correct response to sticks - will actually produce that response in the copter.

I’m using Arducopter 3.2, a Taranis Plus TX and FR-SKY X8R RX - all unaltered since previous successful flights.

Many thanks.

I heard there was an issue with Mission Planner version 1.3.29 that had the sticks reversed for some reason but I thought that was isolated to Rover. Any way if you happen to use this version when doing the calibration it may have messed this up. Have not heard of this happening otherwise.


The way I test is when I do my initial pre-flight check for the day.

Arm the quad and (in stabilise) slowly raise the throttle but not enough to take off. Then give it forward & back pitch commands and left & right roll commands. You should see the quad tilt to the direction you’re moving the sticks.

If it doesn’t then you have a problem.


I have another problem with pitch/roll calibration. I have set my DX9 R-knob to Channel 6, and can see the response from the R-knob on Channel 6 in the “Radio Calibration” in mission planner. Under “Extended tuning” I set “Ch6 opt” to “Rate Roll/Pitch kP” and set “Min”-value 0,090 and “Max”-value 0,2. After writing those parameters, turning on the R Knob and “Refersh Screen” there is no change to “Rate Roll” and “Rate Pitch” values. It’s just stuck on 0,090. Do you guys have any suggestions or tips regarding what could cause this, and how to solve it?

Best regards