How to supply power to DC motors

Please help me to find out the way to supply the power to the DC motors.

I want to connect 8 motors(4 brushless and 4 DC motors) at the ardupilot board, also I want to control them separately.

I will use the four ESCs, one power distribution board, and one lipo battery for brushless motors. But I have no idea how to connect 9V battery for the DC motors. I want to control the DC motors’ movements, not just on/off modes.

Depending on the motors you have maybe just brushed motor ESC’s. I’m not sure about seperate control as there is only one global parameter for motor type in Ardupilot.

For power distribution i can suggest this power distribution board :

But to control them separately … What do you want to do ?


We don’t support different pwm type on output currently. We recently add support for it on low level driver but it need testing and a new interface to change pwm type by outputs.
The simplier for will be to use only RC PWM (the default one) and use a DC motor controller that accept it as input : roboclaw or sabertooth for example.