How to start auto mission without takeoff command


Is it possible to make ardupilot start a mission immediately when the mode is switched to auto, even if it is on the ground? Currently, when I do this the control surfaces move but the throttle stays off. I also don’t want to see a takeoff command because it needs to navigate to a waypoint immediately without climbing to a specified altitude. I am running version 4.1.7.

Are you trying to get the plane to taxi? I’m not sure but I don’t think you can plan that.

You can take off manually (FBWA for example) then switch to Auto once the plane is in the air. Otherwise, if you’re starting on the ground you do need a takeoff command. The parameters of the takeoff are all configurable so you can tweak it to what will work for you.

The problem is the aircraft needs to reliably switch to auto mode and throttle up when commanded. In testing, it has not done so reliably in the air. So, I would like to find a way to disable whatever detection ardupilot has to figure out whether it is flying before engaging throttle, so that I can confirm that it engages auto regardless of what it thinks the flight condition is.

Switching Plane into auto mode and starting a mission is a pretty long standing function, so I wonder if there is something else getting in the way. Can you share a log of a flight where this went wrong?