How to start an auto mission

Hi all,

first: great software, great community!

I flying a quadcopter with a pixhawk fc and a nexus 10 with tower installed as ground station connected via 433mhz telemetry.

I planned an auto mission in the editior and loaded it to the pixhawk. When I arm the pixhawk, the voice says waypoints received, so I believe the transfer was ok.

Now my problem, I can’t start the auto mission.

I tried two ways:

  1. take off manually and then try to switch to auto mode. But I can’t switch to auto mode, it is just not possible (on the ground i can switch)

  2. arm the copter, raise the trottle to about 20% and than switch to auto mode. The copter gives a loud beeeep and after a few seconds the motors stops.

Can someone tell my what I do wrong?

How to start a auto mission?

Thanks for your help.


I hope you are having an issue that your copter can’t fly in auto, ej bad sats, compass, etc. can you share a log trying to switch to auto?

I uploaded two log files from this day, I tried several times to switch to auto mode.
Sorry, I don’t know how to open these files…

Is my doing correct in general?

log_usb_2016_09_28_17_51_57.tlog (128.5 KB)
log_usb_2016_09_28_18_05_04.tlog (1.1 MB)

You have to share the file that is inside the sd card wich finish in: .log
You can fly well in loiter?

Ok sorry, I attached now the files from the sc card. But these are .bin files. Is it correct? Where I can find the .log files?

Yes, I can fly in loiter without any problems.

Also in mode guided I can klick on the map and the copter does what I want.

16.BIN (3.7 MB)
17.BIN (4.3 MB)

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Yes, .bin is the same, your copter is refusing to enter Auto, you have auto err mode in your log, your tunning don’t looks good, perhaps the reason; did you try autotune?

I don’t fly APM:Copter but as far as I remember, you need to increase the throttle just enough for the copter to lift off and the AUTO mission to start. So basically, 1) ARM (both on the pixhawk and with the stick), 2) switch mode to AUTO, 3) increase throttle.

Ok, I will try both and give a reply.
But at the moment bad weather…

It actually 50%. and your should be at 50% while flying as that is neutral position if you switch to alt hold or loiter. if you have it at 0% and switch to stabilize, you’ll get a fright as the motors will stop, and it will drop.

i have a problem guess… in auto mode ready to take off and motor turning . but after take off ,i don’t now my plane circleing in flight . . .I am really confused,
becouse my plane circle in altitude than RETURN TO LOUNCH,

i want my plane start to mission to heading #1 and last then waypoint