How to split log/bin files, in-flight/on-command?

I am planning on grouping my flight into sections. To make logfile analysis easier, I would like to end- and create a new logfile on command. Currently, the only way I know of is to power off- and on the battery, but I cannot do this in mid-air of course.

Does anyone know of a command to split logs as I would like to?

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Take a look at

There are also some posts on the forum about it.
I dont think it is necessary though since all the logs are time stamped.

If this is useful for you, there is a parameter that creates a new log file for each flight, so this way you don’t need to plug/unplug your battery everytime:

I think it is this one above.

Also, upgrade to the latest 4.3 stable if possible, it has many improvements over the 4.0 version.

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See How to trim down a log file? - #11 by amilcarlucas for an example