How to spin Main Rotor

3 servo, Tail Motor is spinning. And Arm/Disarm is ok(RC 7 switch). Motor Interlock enable is ok.
But I don’t know how to spin rotor.
I am using CC3D revo mini and copter 4.0.4 version.
I don’t have GPS in heli. And I changed a safety switch in disabled.

201024 Heli.param (17.3 KB)

Hi @DennyCountLee,
Do you have your main rotor motor connected to Servo 8 output of the flight controller? Try that. If you do, and it isn’t working then try moving to Servo 6. You will have to change the function of servo 6 to HeliRSC in the heli menu of mission planner and make the function of servo8 none.

Hope that makes sense and helps.


Thanks!! I change the channel to 6 and it is working!

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