How to specify camera setup in QGC

My camera is plugged into PixHawk Telemetry 1 serial output channel. I would like to trigger a picture through QGC v3.5.4, but how do I tell QGC how my camera is integrated? If I attempt to manually trigger a photo through QGC’s “Trigger Camera” button in Fly view, QGC gives error message “Camera control command not supported”, presumably because QGC doesn’t “know” who to trigger the camera. I looked at QGC Setup->Camera page, but that only shows parameters for the gimbal axes, nothing about the camera itself. How do I do this?

That is because either ArduPilot firmware or the camera you are using does not support the MAV_CMD_IMAGE_START_CAPTURE command which is being used to trigger the camera. What QGC is saying is basically correct.

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Hi, there any remedies for this? Im having the same issue, with my ArduCopter 3.6 created a mission on QGC and trigger camera, but upon upload error occurs.