How to show LUA script variable in OSD (for mah/km)

Hi I’m looking for a way to get mah/km on my OSD. So far I have found this doesn’t exist in the OSD options list, so my plan is to have a lua script calculate the number, and then display it on the OSD.

What would be the best way to go about that? Other than using the OSD_message output, I cannot see how. Any tips?

In future would be keen to have other custom numbers/strings displayed in the OSD. ie, distance traveled this flight or other cool stats would also love to be able to move other graphical elements around based on scripts.
Thanks for reading!

Ok so looks like the EFF parameter in the OSD layout in mission planner, is what I wanted on my OSD. I searched the docs and didn’t discover it, guess users just find it by looking through mission planner :smile:

Still interested in knowing about how to get any other LUA script outputs onto the OSD? or to move graphical objects around using a lua script, ie, showing where a waypoint is in 3D space.