How to show in QGroundControl the battery remaining with voltage instead of percentage?

Hello, when I connect the autopilot with the BMSOne to a pc, it always shows 100% of battery remaining, and it decreases from that lineally.

Example: if the real battery capacity was at 50%, it will show 100% on the QGroundControl (QGC), and when the real value is at 25%, the QGC will indicate 50%.

I have also tried to change the mode of the BMSOne from S1 to S0, but it does not work.

At the moment, I can see the voltage of the battery clicking at the percentage symbol on the QGC. ¿Do you know how to change it so I can see it constantly?

Thank you so much in advance!

It works like adding any other telemetry parameter, to be used in the telemetry UI element in the lower center.
Press the + symbol, choose battery 0 or 1, and select remainingPerc
(Related to QGC 4.1.3)

Correction: the last words in my post above should be “select Voltage”

Thank you so much :grinning: !