How to setup the Lightware SF11c Rangefinder over I2C?

Has anyone managed to get the Lightware SF11/C Rangefinder to work on the Cube over I2C connection?

I have failed to get the SF11c working!

I have setup it up with the instructions found on this side:

Anyone manged to get this Rangefinder working?

Good day, you must follow the correct pinout for i2c… gnd-sda-scl - 5v.
I suggest you to power the rangefinder with an external power source… like an ubec.
for the pinout follow this

After this you must set the rangefinder parameter in MP and reboot

Hi Ron,

My name is Mohit from LightWare Lidar, I can assist you with getting your unit up and running.

Please download LightWare Studio from :

Please install and open the software once opened.
Plug in your SF11/C to your computer using the USB cable.
Select the device that appears and navigate to the parameters tab.

Ensure the following parameters are set :
I2C addres: 102 / 0x66(Hex)
I2C Pixhawk compatibility mode is switched on.
Please unplug your device and connect your device to your Pixhawk ensuring that your cables are as follows:
The SF11/C should be connected to the Pixhawk I2C connector as follows:
Red (SF11) -> Pin 1 on Pixhawk (5V)
Green (SF11) -> Pin 2 on Pixhawk (SCL)
White (SF11) -> Pin 3 on Pixhawk (SDA)
Black (SF11) -> Pin 4 on Pixhawk (GND)

If you are still struggling, please feel free to contact me at

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Hi @Ronl5555, a word of recommendation, connect the 5v to a BEC if possible. Personally my pc didn’t provide enough power when connected to the FC when the range finder was connected and all you can hear when it happens is the buzzer clicking.

Hi Mohit, I want to use SF11/C for my drone as altitude meter, but still have some questions:

  1. What is the actual max. range for outdoor during daytime? (I knew on datasheet it is claimed 120 m).
  2. How about water reflection ? I mean If I fly above water during day time and night time??
  3. How it perform above plantation (for agro drone)??
    May be somebody can share experience/knowledge about this SF11/C.
    Thank you.

Hi Ton999,

1.The range of the meter is 120m during daytime.
2. Please note that water is a dynamic substance. It could be subject to many conditions, such as calm water, waves, highly reflective, or murky.That said we have configured the SF11/C to fly over water. one of the applications being whale watching. We have an FAQ on how to setup the SF11/C to fly over water, I will link it below.
3. Our products are used for agricultural purposes and can be configured for this application too. I would be more than willing to assist you set up your device for this application.

If you still feel uncertain, please feel free to email me :

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Hi @Mohit_Morar
I was wondering if setting the sf11/c to the aforementioned settings for getting good results over water surface as default would seriously hurt results over ground surfaces? Since I do both in the same flight for video purposes
Thank you

Hi Gnitzan,

Thank you for your question.

Effectively using the above mentioned settings will not impact your readings over ground surfaces. It may assist you if you are getting lost signals or false returns to omit them by applying this filter. As long as the unit receives positive readings the device reports them as normal. it just filters out lost returns.

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