How to setup SITL on Win7

Dear board members,

a couple of friends an me bought a DIY-drone (hexacopter) and the ardupilot. We are very impressed of the performance of the whole system. So, at first, thank you very much for the development work and a big bow to your great work!

We want to use the hexacopter for special flight maneuvers. For that reason we have to adapt and modify the control strategy. Modifying the control strategy is easy - but getting a stable and robust system is not :wink: For that reason we want to use SITL to test it. I found this page

on how to setup SITL, but unfortunately it’s only about Linux. However it says that SITL is working on Win 7, which is our preferred development system. I’d like to know:

a) Is there some kind of documentation how to run SITL for ardupilot?
b) If not, do you have some short explanations (which compiler, how to start, parameters, etc.)

Any hint will be appreciated. If you can’t help us, that’s OK, than we’ll have to figure it out ourselve.


P.S.: This is a ardupilot-related question. As there is no Ardupilot-section, I put it into the helicopter-section.

Hi Alex,

I think that SITL is supported on windows by using a virtual machine… to run linux.

Here are two recent references for setting up the environment: … n-windows/