How to setup helicopter for AP_ICEngine and throttle servo

I am building a 2.5m synchrocopter powered by a DA150L and am having trouble finding documentation on how to setup the AP_ICEngine to control the engine and setup a throttle servo. Could someone please point me in the right direction or give me a walk-through.

Rob Dome

What features of AP_ICEngine will you be using? Do you have an auto-start system installed? Choke? Ignition cut?

looking at the AP_ICEngine parameters it looks like i would need most if not all of them. Starter is an electric motor with an ESC. Not a 100% sure what the height param is for, guessing in flight restart. I would need choke also. If I’m understanding the AP_ICEngine code correctly it would go something like this,
ignition on
start on with throttle to start pct
once engine reaches rpm threshold
start off
and to cut engine ignition off

for throttle I would like to be able to have idle, governed speed (adjust able with pot on transmitter)