How to setup Frsky Tandem X20/X20S connection to Ground station running Mission planner via Mavlink

Hi, I have a X20s on the way and I wanted to know how to setup telemetry link with ground station using either internal or external modules.

I don’t think its possible to use the internal bluetooth module to establish Mavlink since they say it connects to their Freelink app to display telemetry, with no mention of Mavlink support.

So, can someone please recommend external module and/or ways to take telemetry data from either X20s or its receiver onboard drone i.e. without adding components to the drone itself for telemetry link to ground station.


not going to come to soon as Lua Scripting is not working yet as it should
little more info on your setup

My setup - fixed wing drone with CUAV mini autopilot and FrSky Taranis RC and x8r receiver, and CUAV telemetry unit and GPS. Everything working fine.

I am doing autonomous testing so GCS is necessary. Wanted to switch to Tandem X20s.

Anyways since the Tandem receiver sends both telemetry and RC signals, what would you suggest be the setup for me to receive RC signal on the Tandem RC and receive telemetry data on the ground station?..or should i keep current setup of separate RC receiver and telemetry units?