How to settings notch filter for this case?

I found issue that my drone has high vibration on Y Axis about 15++ m/s^2.
So, I measure vibration with IMU Batch Sampler.

How to settings notch filter for this case ?

Thank you.

Firmware : Arducopter 4.2.4
drone : motors 1200kv 4s 7inch

This is my log.

This is my vibration.

Strange that in this log (-40) you don’t have IMU checked for logging so Vibe data isn’t available but you show it in the next post. Anyway, target the peak at 110Hz for the Notch Filter. That will take care of 3 harmonics. There is one ~270Hz that will likely be gone from the low pass filter but you will have to see. A static notch is possible for that if it’s not.

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Are settings correct?


Yes. Set this too: