How to settig parameters for Dual GPS HERE2. (GPS1 + CAN1) ?

I want to use Dual GPS HERE2 with Cune Orange pixhawk.

  • GPS1 use GPS1 port
  • GPS2 use CAN1 port
    And I can’t push Hardware Safety Switch on GPS HERE2.
    But I don’t know which parameters should used in this case.
    Please checks my parameter.

HEXA DUAL GPS.param (18.1 KB)

Now, I can’t see internal compass in HW ID.

Add some boot delay when using CAN devices to allow them to boot up and be functional before the flight controller, 5 seconds recommended but you could experiment with less.
Use the MissionPlanner Setup, Mandatory hardware, HW ID screen to check if all devices are detected.

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Enable it? You have:

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I have just set up parameters but I don’t see internal compass in HW ID.And I can’t calibrate with 3 Mag calibration in calibrate compass process.

I have just set up with less BRD_BOOT_DELAY,5000 but I can’t see internal compass.So now i have two external compass.
Do you think it enough for use normally or not.?

Hi, Do you think it enough to use or not.?
If i use only two external compass(HERE2) without internal compass in CUBE ORANGE PIXHAWK.

It’s fine. The internal compass is often more trouble than its worth.

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