How to set Yaw when using Marvelmind beacons?

Hello !

I am following these tutorials in order to use a Super Beacon from Marvelmind as GPS:


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And I am stuck at Set BCN_ORIENT_YAW. I don’t understand how to read the vehicle’s heading from the HUD .
I’m guessing that the HUD is Mission Planner in my case and the value I need is Yaw(deg) which I can take from here:

But this info is here only when having the drone connected via USB to the PC that runs Mission Planner.
If I stand at the origin holding the vehicle so that it’s nose points towards the second beacon the drone won’t be connected to the PC and I won’t have any info on the HUD, because the origin beacon is not near my PC and it will never be.

Also, there is another way of setting BCN_ORIENT_YAW in one of Marvelmind’s manuals:

At 9.11. Settings to obtain the correct north direction it says that I can somehow take BCN_ORIENT_YAW as the angle between the Y axis and the real north (while having the lowest address as the origin ), measured manually by me in some way or another.

Following another guide:
At chapter 9 it describes another way of setting the Yaw.

How do I properly set the Yaw ?
It’s very confusing when there are 3 guides telling you 3 different things.

Is the forum dead ?
I have 3 threads that received no answer in the past week.

All the posts and threads related to Marvelmind that I have found on this forum are 3-4 years old.

Is there no help that I can get here ?

Thank you.
I am sorry for being so insistent but I have no idea what to do next.

You need to find someone who has this hardware - I don’t and maybe the issue is that no-one else does either.

The value of yaw in the drone comes from the compass, so I think you can use a real compass to set the BCN_ORIENT_YAW value