How to Set up Initial Parameter for a Quadplane?

Hello guys, I do understand that there is a "Standard formula to determine Initial parameter for a quadcopter based on the propeller size. My question is, how is the procedure to setup Initial parameter for a Quadplane (4+1 configuration)? Should I use all the Initial parameter spreadsheet as in the Quadcopter?? My logic is yes, but I am not sure what parameter in Quadplane that exactly equivalent with quadcopter as in the spreadsheet (initial parameter).
Any advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you…

We follow kind of basic “standard operation procedures” for any new quadplane.

  1. Start with initial parameters
  2. Do all static tests possible without any propellers attached
  3. Make sure all control surfaces move in the correct direction (easy to check in q_loiter mode and move aircraft manually)
  4. Check all flight modes
  5. Check all motors are spinning in the correct direction
  6. Attach multi rotor props and check if the aircraft moves in the correct direction while still on the ground
  7. Hover a bit and adjust PID if necessary

With these steps, nothing much that can go wrong.

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Hi @Verloop,
Thank you for your response. But my question is mainly about the Initial Parameter that we have to use. Should we use the similar parameter as in the Quadcopter Initial parameter? In my opinion the answer is yes, but I want to confirm with experts here, name of parameters in Quadplane that is equivalent to the Quadcopter’s parameter.

When you load initial parameter, it also sets the quadcopter parameter. To enable QuadPlane functionality you need to set the Q_ENABLE parameter to 1 and then refresh the parameter list