How to set up datarate

How do you guys setup up the telemetry datarate?

Description: … etry-logs/

What are the values meaning? Some random number or Herz (1/s)? Is lower faster?
What is grouped to

  • attitude
  • position
  • Mode/Status
  • RC
  • Sensor

Are they the values given in telemetry log analyser group (Graph this-window)

  • All the Rest?

How can I speed up Joystick-Control-Data?

Where is some more info on all the telemetry-values?

please look here … Parameters

Thanks, What I was looking for

But the List does not explain a Lot. I know the units now - AT least.

MP’s field are indirectly linked to those.

please look here for the links … k.pde#L823

Great - a Link exactly to the right place in Code.