How to set the yaw acceptance criteria for a set point that is Yaw only


I am trying to sharpen up my setpoint yaw to be closer to my target yaw.

I see here the setpoint is reached when the distance is under the radius value: ardupilot/AR_WPNav.cpp at e9f6a5afdf33899ca94026075c80733616f74732 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

But I cant seem to find the yaw version of this check. I had recently mentioned to @rmackay9 (a few months back?) that the rover does not act like the copter wherein I give it a set point with a position and orientation and it will reach that position with that orientation. The rover seems to do this differently where it will reach a position but not respect the yaw angle.

So to get around this we split our set points into two commands a positional command followed up by a yaw only command. However our yaw is usually about 15-20 degrees away from our commanded yaw.

Is there a way to tighten the angular acceptance criteria for a yaw set point message when the set point is yaw only?

Note: I have double posted this to Discord::Rover (Discord) and here, I will copy the result to which ever one doesn’t get answered.

Anybody have thoughts on this?