How to set RC*_MIN /RC*_MAX individually by default?

hello guys,
I want to set RC*_MIN /RC*_MAX values individually by default, but i dont know how to modify the code. Can anybody help me ?

If i remember well, you have to change the values in “config.h” file before compiling.

Then it should use these values as default :slight_smile:


If you are running you’re own build, the best way to do this is actually by not modifying any of the code at all. It’s incredibly easy to set all your parameters to custom defaults. Put a parameter file with all the ones you want to to set with custom defaults in the ROMFS directory ( The files needs to be called defaults.parm.

Remove any commented out headers (# lines, etc). And only use the ones you need. Don’t just dump the whole parameter file in there. Here is an example of one that the builds for Solo use:

thanks your reply. Yes, some params are defined in config.h, but a few params aren’t defined here, just like SERVO1_FUNCTION.

thanks for your advice. i will try this way, and i also want to know how it works ? :slight_smile:

Any parameters listed in that parm file will be used as defaults rather than the hard coded defaults. So when you flash the firmware or do a parameter reset, it will use those.

thank you very much, i’ll test it tomorrow :slight_smile:

@Pedals2Paddles I created a custom defaults in Tools/Frame_params folder, it’s incredibly easy to set default parameters just like you say. Thanks again.