How to set MagFit options?

I’ve taken a look into using MagFit again.

Kudos to the MagExplorer DEV team for recent enhancements - it again works in the current stable release, and it appears that selecting a range on a graph is no longer required. (As I recall this was stipulated in the brief tutorial video on using MagFit.)

I haven’t been able to find documentation on the MagFit options. Can someone please direct me to information that explains how to set these numerous options?

Thank you!

Yes, this would be great info to know if anybody has it!!

I also would like to know a bit more about it as what mag(0) correlates to on the quadcopter. Does mag(0) equate to use compass 1 from arducopter?

mag(0) is COMPASS_DEV_ID,xxxxxx
mag(1) is COMPASS_DEV_ID2,xxxxxx

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@dkemxr what should be the Position Reduce value we have to keep…

If i run with reduce points to 20 i get different calibration value and if i run at reduce point as 100 then i get little bit variation calibration value.

Which one should i use?

It depends on how large the log is. I tend to do a short flight/drive with a couple figure 8’s and some throttle changes specifically to process Magfit and use no reduction (1). Or, if it is a longer flight Zoom into a shorter section on the graph before running it. There will be small variations in the output every time you run it.

It is mixed flight modes and loiter mode we had flown figure of 8 for 2 rounds.then MAV explorer i have shorten the flight area only loiter.
Your recommendation would no reduction?

Yes. The reason to use reduction is if the log is too large/long. In that case you might find it will hang and not process the data.

Understand @dkemxr thank you.if its very less memory log or shorter log portion then no need to use reduction points.

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